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How to order on the website

1. Add to cart your order/s and preferred quantity.
2. On the CHECKOUT provide your COMPLETE shipping details (Name, Contact, Address, and email address-- This is for shipping purposes only). Choose your preferred Mode of Payment (BPI, BDO, Paypal or Credit Card) Check your email for a confirmation order. (*Bank Account details and order confirmation will be sent to your email).
3. A shipment update will be sent to your email once our partner courier picks up the item from our office warehouse. 

What are the Modes of Payment

Our available modes of payment are:

 1.BPI Bank or online deposit

 2.BDO Bank or online deposit


 4.Credit Card

 5. Cash on Delivery ( For orders above P2,000 only)

Who is your partner courier?

We ship via LBC and J&T Express.

Do you have a physical store?

As of the moment,we do not have a physical store yet. We are still in the process of opening one but for the time being, orders are made online and we can ship nationwide.

When will I receive my order?

All orders settled by 9:00 PM on a business day are dispatched the following day thru LBC or J&T Express. It usually takes 1-2 days before the delivery of your order/s.


How do I choose the right breastpump?

There are two kinds of pumps to choose from, hospital-grade and non-hospitalgrade breastpump. If you’ve never used an electric breast pump before, or even if you have but want something different this time around, it can be confusing understanding the options available and the specifications you need to be looking at. One of the most important things to consider is when choosing your breast pump is how often you’re intending to use it and for what purpose.

You probably already have a bit of an idea how often you will be wanting to use the breast pump and for what purpose.

Are you going back to work and needing a breast pump every day, something easy to transport and quiet for use at work?

Do you have a premature baby or a milk supply issue and need a breast pump to help you build milk production?

Or are you going to be a stay at home mom and just want a breast pump to have on hand for occasional use?

The frequency and intended purpose of your breast pump will definitely affect which model we’d advise you to buy.


For the working mom

If you’re a mom who is going back to work and will be needing to pump at work, the suitable breast pump for you will depend on whether effective pumping or portability is most important to you. Do you have easy access to a power outlet? Are you always on fieldwork?? Do you need to carry the breast pump on public transport? Is noise an important factor? A hospital grade breast pump like the Unimom Forte will always be the most effective at extracting milk, but the smaller breastpumps are much more portable such as the Unimom Minuet LCD. The Unimom portable breastpumps  have an inbuilt rechargeable batteries, so no need to worry about access to a power outlet.


If you just want a breast pump for occasional use

In this case, any pump will really do and just choose based on your budget and whether you’d prefer a smaller pump like the Unimom Minuet LCD for portability or whether you just want a hospital grade one. If you want the best breast pump possible AND you don’t mind having to plug into power, then choose the Unimom Forte.


If you’re using a breast pump for medical reasons

If you are relying on your breast pump to keep up your milk production, for example because you have a premie baby who’s too small to feed, or attachment issues, or have been advised to express to help stimulate milk production, then definitely get a hospital grade breast pump. The Unimom Forte is a great choice as it’s a powerful, effective pump that does a great job at building milk supply.

Are you confused about the difference between the Minuet and the Forte pumps? The suction of the Minuet is as efficient as the Forte. The main difference is the Minuet is not a hospital grade pump, it is only designed for part time use - up to 6 times per day - it is not designed for exclusive pumping. Whereas the Forte is hospital grade, and is designed for heavy use for all breastfeeds, such as more than 8 times per day.

The Minuet is more compact than the Forte, it fits in the palm of your hand. Convenient with bonus features such as the informative LCD screen and the USB port for charging. It has a newly, more durable designed milk back flow protector unit.


How long is the warranty coverage of the eletric breast pump unit?

All our electric breastpumps are covered with a 12-month warranty. For further details, kindly refer to the warranty details as provided in the manual included in the package or on the Warranty Section on this website.