Flange Insert Sizing Guide

Using the correct sized breastshield is really important to have the most comfortable pumping experience. We are all different shapes and sizes, and it can be really hard to know which breastshield size you will be when you start pumping. 

Using a breastshield versus direct latching

A baby's mouth compresses a nipple evenly all over the nipple and areola, whereas a breastshield flange is rigid. As a result, if your flange is too large, the areola will 'bunch' up into the flange, which can cause pain and nipple trauma.  You want the flange to be just wide enough to fit the base of your nipple, preventing the areola from being able to get pulled into the flange. 

How can I find my breastshield size?

Using our nipple ruler is a good place to start. 

1. Download the nippler ruler by (c) pumpables by clicking the button below. 

2. Print out the ruler. It's really important that you do not 'scale to fit'. Make sure you select full size or 100% in your print menu. 

3. Fold the ruler along the fold line.

4. Carefully cut out the measuring circles. You're going to place these around your nipples in the next step, so try to leave as smooth and even a cut as possible so you can get an accurate measurement. 

5. Place your nipple through each of the  cut out circles to gauge your size.

The best size will fit easily around your nipple, but be quite snug.