Maymom Spectra/ Medela Flange

  • ₱650.00

Maymom Flange Designed for Both speCtra and Medela PISA Systems

*Works with spectra breastpumps and Medela PISA Pumps.

* Will work with other brands such as RH228, Real Bubbee, Horigen, Wisemom AS LONG as you order with Spectra-like backflow.

*Contains ONE Flange.

Buy two units if you need two flanges.

*Dual Function Connection Port of Maymom Flange The port has dual functions. It works with the following pumping parts

1. ) speCtra backflow protector

2.) Medela tubing of Pump in style, Symphony and Lactina

NOTE: In order to adapt to both Medela and speCtra systems, there is a gap at the connection port. It is normal to see this gap. No loss of suction power will happen.

Setup Wtih Medela Pumps Connect to Medela Pump in style directly using Medela tubing

Allow users to use wide mouth bottle with their Medela Pump in Style, Symphony and Lactina pumps Use Medela valve/membrane or speCtra duckbill valve #medela #breastpump #spectraflange #17mmflange #19mmflange #medelaflange #wisemom #smallflange #flange