Unimom Forte

Unimom Forte

  • ₱6,450.00

The Unimom Forte model is a durable, hospital-grade double breast pump with an extensive suction range that is designed for frequent, long-term expressing. The rhythmic suction allows for an efficient let down and maximum milk supply. This Breast pump kit provides you with all you need for easy, comfortable, dual expressing, with a hygienic closed back-flow protection system.

Hospital-grade pump
Hospital level strength of pumping
Double Sided Expression – Comes as a double so you have the option of single or twin pumping
Rhythmic Suction – Mimics baby’s natural suction allowing faster let down.
Adjustable vacuum setting – enables optimum setting- wider variation of suction levels
Extra long life motor and efficient piston mechanism
Closed System – Back flow protection for hygienic pumping
Switch to Manual Pump  Use the Switch Kit to “switch” to a manual breast pump.

Product: Breast Pump
Model: FORTE#
Suction power(mmHg): 0-300mmHg±10%
Single or dual pumping options
Power source: AC adapter

Main body
2 breast shields (Choose your flange size)
2 bottles
2 bottle covers
2 bottle stands
2 air tubes
2 caps
2 disks
2 valves
2 silicon massagers